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Later… June 28, 2010

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Detriment - Shadow's Edge



Shadow’s Edge June 18, 2010

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Now, as you probably know, Shadow’s Edge is the axe forged out of the stupid amount of Primordial Saronites, along with Festergut and Rotface’s blood, and (for some reason, as a ‘template’) Light’s Vengeance, Artha’s old bashy stick. It’s the axe all Death Knights, Warriors and Paladins aspire to. After the long quest chain involving the end-wing bosses in 25 mans, killing 1000 mobs, and generally doing what Mr. Boss Mograine tells you, you get that even lovelier axe…. Shadowmourne (even if a part of me dies inside when a Paladin gems it with Armor Pen).

My Death Knight, Detriment, was fortunate enough to get the acids today in a ‘good’ ICC 25 PuG. Of course, that meant doing the 5-minute quest to kill an elite with 150k HP as well as about 10 billion ghouls, and of course I did it in my Unholy PvP spec, and bad PvP gear. It got done in the end, anyway. Then-

WHAAAAAAA!!111!!! zomg 25?!!!?!

I have 3 Primordial Saronite currently. While, if I work at it, I can manage at least 4 saronites a week through grinding randoms on my various 80s, the weekly raid and VoA when the oppurtunity arises, this will still take over a month to grind out. Ooof.

I’m not the sort that has money pouring out of every orifice either, so I could (maybe) buy another couple a week. That’s still just under a month. Just a little speculation (alright, outright QQ), but surely Blizz you could look at lowering the cost of the Primordials? Or make them easier to get? Kthx

But then, assuming they did do that (which they probably won’t), it would lose some of its prestige. You can look at it as a ‘wow’ weapon (Yes, it is in WoW), or ‘wtf did that guy buy gold llolololllool’, but judging by the stats, the epic factor and the questline, it’s looking like an awesome weapon and worth the gold / emblems / lucky rolls.

For tanking.