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Guild Issues May 17, 2010

Posted by Bezurk in Other.
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I didn’t get the chance to post yesterday due to dealing with the aftermath of a member emorage quitting and an officer leaving the guild. I’ll not go into it in depth, but it does lead you to think about how they work somewhat like a social community IRL.

Our guild aims to be a casual, friendly raiding guild. Currently in ICC 10 we have 8/12 progression: we’ve not been to the Blood Wing yet but we have downed Putricide once. Since then, we had a massive influx of new players – both good and not so good, pleasant and unpleasant. There’s a solid core, but many of the newer players haven’t integrated too well with the guild. We attempted to organise an ICC 25 run with friends, and had a good number of people signed up – due to what happened in guild it ended up being a semi-PuG and we couldn’t down Marrowgar for the simple reason that it was unco-ordinated, some people weren’t geared or competent, and nobody DPS’d those damn spikes… it was horrible. Incidentally, earlier in the week I’d done a pure PuG on my Rogue – it was wonderful, Lower Spire down in 45 minutes, no wipes, no complaints, and a nice dagger for my PvP spec (Heartpierce). Contrasted with a horrific semi-guild run, it seems damn strange…

But this is moving away from the point a bit. Our GM came on in the aftermath, and kicked a few new members that had done nothing but cause problems.  Then he told us that the guild was here as a progression guild, we were mostly focused on 10 mans, 25 wasn’t off the cards but maybe we can clear 10 man first? And let’s get a few more members who genuinely want to progress with the guild instead of tagging along for some loots to leave and join another guild. And maybe a couple more healers too.

Now, we have enough members that we can have 2 seperate ICC runs going on the same night with a bit of luck, and the GM would like to see one run put on an extended lockout until LK is down, so instead of doing 6-7 bosses comfortably each week, we can actually progress on pains like Sindragosa and down Putricide more easily (i.e. not by the skin of the teeth). The other run can go for alts, and other members who didn’t get into the progression group (or need loot from earlier bosses, cue Neverending Winter not dropping for another week). It’s balancing the guild’s aims with the desires of the players that seems to be the problem. But we can’t seem to find members that are all dedicated to achieving the same thing.

But… reflecting on it, guilds are never going to be perfect. Some people will always make it a rockier ride – but then, guilds wouldn’t be so interesting without the drama, I suppose.