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Gearscore and Achievements June 4, 2010

Posted by Bezurk in General, Raiding.
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It’s like Marmite… you love it or you hate it. (Personally, I’m a fan. Of Marmite.) But it makes you wonder: How did we ever manage to play the game pre-3.2ish, and how did we ever manage pre-Wrath, before Achievements?

For me, the obsessiveness over Gearscore is downright annoying. Call me a hypocrite, yes, I do have the addon. But I use it to give a general idea of what a run ‘could’ be like, mostly in a PuG. When I run a raid, I don’t demand a certain level to satisfy egos, due to the fact it is a lie – Gearscore is not a measure of gear, it is an abstract measure of iLvl. Theoretically (though why eludes me) a plate wearer could have 6K Gearscore wearing cloth gemmed for Spirit with enchants for Stamina and Defense. Maybe if it was called ‘Item-level-score-but-only-item-level-don’t-bother-with-enchants-or-gems-Score’ I’d be more sympathetic (how many people would type that for a search?). But none of this is taken into account. Sometimes you’ll find an item with a lower Gearscore is better (cue Darkmoon Card: Greatness) than that of a higher Gearscore.

This brings me onto achievements. Now, when we win Wintergrasp for the first time that day, there’s a lot of ‘LFG VoA 10/25’. Then the raid leaders want an achievement to show you bumbled through a 4-boss dungeon (of which you maybe do 2) and are clearly pro because of this. Frankly, it’s moronic. It’s possible to receive boosts and be carried through raids by people that know what they are doing, but in doing so the guy who has spent weeks learning what to do, or has done it on 5+ other characters, will lose out to the noob who got a boost – all down to an achievement.

Don’t get me wrong – Gearscore and Achievements have their uses, but they should not be abused the way they are. Yes, you wouldn’t take someone with 3K into ICC 25 – they just aren’t geared. But you could probably have got that just by looking at their avatar / health / mana. And Achievements – the novelty ones that reward you for cool stuff are nice, like Loremaster or Master Angler of Azeroth, but again the necessity to get the achievement before you set foot in the instance is downright disgusting. It’s killing the game, and making it less fun. And not much is being done about it.