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Combat or Assassination? May 13, 2010

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The eternal question. For much of 3.3 (until it took a mega nerf, especially to Hunger for Blood) any Rogue that knew their pointy sticks inside out would say ‘Assassination ofc’ (or in one case, Rogues are OP you moron). Now, it’s not so clear cut. Here’s a few reasons:

– Weapons. Within both ICC 10 and 25, both weapons that are optimal for Combat are available within the Lower Spire (10: OH axe Marrowgar, MH axe Gunship, 25: OH axe Gunship, MH sword Deathbringer), but, for Assassination, all bar one dagger in 25 man (Heartpierce on Deathwhisper) is available a ways into ICC, and not into PuG-friendly territory. Rogues, being so weapon dependent, can /cheer or /cry depending on their spec.

– Gear itemisation. Most pieces of gear have Armor Penetration on – a bad stat for Assassination rogues due to their reliance on poisons and Envenom ignoring armour. While not the worst stat around, it seems to be unavoidable at the moment. Combat sees far more benefit from ArP due to more reliance on Physical damage.

– Buffs and Nerfs. Quite quickly, HfB went from providing 15% additional damage to 10%, then only 5%. Combat, not having this ability, did not suffer so dramatically. Also, Rupture was buffed to crit on its ticks, and Assassination’s goal is to have Envenom up as much as possible (without Envenom clipping) which Rupture does not help with. For the Combat Rogue not gemming and stacking ArP on every piece of gear, Rupture sees a decent benefit from this.

All of these lead to the question – my conclusion is that Combat is easier to gear, and will provide the initial higher DPS, but in a guild with progression in ICC, Assassination will catch up. Assuming similar gear levels and the best itemisation as possible… it’s close. Mostly, I believe it will come down to which spec you are most comfortable playing in. If you like to go down the ‘ORC SMASH’ route then Combat’s the way – if you prefer the more typical image of the, well, assassin, then – here’s a shocker – Assassination is the way.

Subtlety doesn’t exist when you PvE, only in PvP.


Life as a Tank May 12, 2010

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Now, it wasn’t always the case that I was a big bad warrior. The first character I had was a little Rogue, who went around going ‘stabby stabby’ (inicdentally, he hit 70 about 4 days before WotLK went live). For a time, this little fella wandered round chopping up anyone he found (and probably eating them too) – it was damn good fun.

Then I started to raids on him – this was back in 3.1, as a completely inexperienced raider. I knew a bit (get some hit rating k?) but, generally, I didn’t know much. Spreadsheets? You what? And yet, I had installed Recount, I was way ahead of our casual group that barely managed Patchwerk with a meager 2k DPS – at the time, we were a casual guild that looked at raiding and went ‘Ooooh!’ – but we couldn’t manage to clear heroics, let alone Naxx. Wiping on Maexxna… fun fun fun!

But then –

I saw the tanks. They were awesome. Clad in full plate while being smacked by a massive gribbly… it looked great!

I’d tried the Death Knight, but at this point they had a seriously bad reputation for being bucket loads of suck, so then I turned to a small alt… a level 27 Warrior. Warriors were just the coolest kids of the tanking classes, so I decided it would be a good idea to level this toon…

… Fast forward a few months, and there was a new 80 tank on the loose. We hadn’t tried to raid since then, but I was determined to make mobs look at me and think ‘Keeel eeet’ – and it was working.

Patch 3.2 had hit by this point so I made sure I did the daily heroic, and being well chuffed at getting my first piece of T9 a couple of weeks after the patch went live (the shoulders, in case you’re interested) I started to pretend I was a pro. I tanked… and I tanked… and I tanked some more.

Having skipped Ulduar as Conquest Emblems became available to the casual via heroics, I got geared for TotC 10  – it seemed like such a cool instance at the time, fighting in an arena against bigger gribblys (and killing Alliance) seemed awesome. Now you look at it and see that, really, it was lazy recycling of a heroic instance (ToC 5), and, well, the encounters were easy as anything.

Since then, it’s been a lot of ToC 10, the odd venture into ToC 25, and lots of runs through ICC 10 (and a few through 25), and lamented over the replacement of the Royal Crest of Lordaeron a few weeks ago (replaced by the Aegis of the Coliseum), and failing to work out why every other Paladin / Warrior tank has Neverending Winter.

Raid Leading Appreciation May 11, 2010

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You gotta feel for those raid leaders out there. They put together a raid, willing to take responsibility for the group going a bit pear-shaped. If it does, it all goes crashing down on their heads – if it doesn’t then there’s ‘maybe’ a ‘k thx’ from one or two people (admittedly you get the master looters who ninja the loot and have trade for the next hour or two whining about how they didn’t get their epix, but that’s another matter).

We won Wintergrasp, and oddly there were no VoA groups going (as Hordies on our server it’s rare that we don’t have Tenacity 3+), so I made a 25 man. It all went smoothly, no whiners etc, and people stayed for a 10 man class run, which went well too. Now, only one member that was in both raid offered up a thank you – I don’t expect people to bask in the glory of the raid leader and stroke their mighty E-peen for setting up a raid that lasts a couple of minutes for a lottery on the loot that week, but it did lead me to reflect on how undervalued a good raid leader can be (not that I am one) – it takes a hell of a lot of co-ordination, perseverance and general ‘cojones’ to be willing to take the flak if it all goes wrong. So, maybe, next time, give that lovely raid leader who wasn’t an utter loot-hungry moron a thank you, and appreciate that raid leader (especially in a guild run!).

New Troll Here… May 10, 2010

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Hey there – there’s a new blogger in town and he’s got a big choppa…

I’m Bezurk – a Prot Warrior, tanking your adds.  I’ve been playing WoW for a little more than 2 years now, and now I’ve decided to venture out of WoW to try and write a blog that people might be interested in reading. My Warrior’s my main, but I also have a Rogue and Death Knight at 80, plus a host of other characters that get played on and off. Currently I play in a guild in between the casual and hardcore – we have 8/12 on ICC 10 currently (including Professor Putricide in that tally) and we have fun doing it. It’s awesome.

RL… I’m 16 and finishing off with school studies, and find time to play WoW. I’ve grown up surrounded by fantasy, computers, and an interest in role-playing (seen those crazy folks dressed as elves and stuff? How you doing there 🙂 ) and I think it may have rubbed off on me. My family also play, and have done a little longer than me.

Anyways, I’m not one for long introductions, so hopefully I’ll write, you’ll read, and you’ll enjoy. I appreciate constructive critisism – spamming ‘WTF n00b l2p lulz’ doesn’t quite qualify, but feel free to comment, clarify and correct me.

~ Bezurk