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Raid Leading Appreciation May 11, 2010

Posted by Bezurk in General, Raiding.
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You gotta feel for those raid leaders out there. They put together a raid, willing to take responsibility for the group going a bit pear-shaped. If it does, it all goes crashing down on their heads – if it doesn’t then there’s ‘maybe’ a ‘k thx’ from one or two people (admittedly you get the master looters who ninja the loot and have trade for the next hour or two whining about how they didn’t get their epix, but that’s another matter).

We won Wintergrasp, and oddly there were no VoA groups going (as Hordies on our server it’s rare that we don’t have Tenacity 3+), so I made a 25 man. It all went smoothly, no whiners etc, and people stayed for a 10 man class run, which went well too. Now, only one member that was in both raid offered up a thank you – I don’t expect people to bask in the glory of the raid leader and stroke their mighty E-peen for setting up a raid that lasts a couple of minutes for a lottery on the loot that week, but it did lead me to reflect on how undervalued a good raid leader can be (not that I am one) – it takes a hell of a lot of co-ordination, perseverance and general ‘cojones’ to be willing to take the flak if it all goes wrong. So, maybe, next time, give that lovely raid leader who wasn’t an utter loot-hungry moron a thank you, and appreciate that raid leader (especially in a guild run!).



1. dragonray - May 20, 2010

❤ You!!

Thanks for the appreciation, and Thank you for setting up raids as well!

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